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  • Stand Up Make Noise for the MDGs

    Posted on September 21st, 2010 Nadeem 1 comment

    This week leaders of the world are gathering to discuss progress on the Millenium Development Goals On Saturday 18th September 2010 we gathered together outside of Parliament in Westminster London to stand up and make noise for the MDGs – No longer will we sit in silence. World leaders hear our call and keep to your promises on fighting global poverty. Check out the video below

    Big shout out to Bond for organising the protest and much love to MADE in Europe who are awesome is every single way.

  • Guest Blog – Maternal Health – A Father’s Perspective – By Joey Shapiro

    Posted on September 20th, 2010 Nadeem No comments

    Last Year Joey Shapiro lead a group of Faiths Act Fellows to Ifakara in Tanzania. We spent a lot of time at the St Francis Hospital meeting patients and hearing their stories.

    Joey has just recently become a father – he writes on Maternal health in the USA and in Africa and reflects on his faith as a Jew on being thankful to what we have. This blog can also be found on the MADE in Europe website

    My son Simon came early. Over a month, in fact. Born on the 21st of August 2010, we had not finished preparing for his arrival, emotionally or logistically.

    He came on a Friday night, quite unexpectedly. My wife woke me at 1.30am and knew something wasn’t right. In the back of our heads, we knew Simon was on his way, but a month early? It was frightening. Though I did not say it out loud, I knew a premature birth could be a recipe for disaster and needed to steady myself for whatever potential pitfalls lay ahead for all of us.

    St Francis Hospital Ifakara

    The birth was easy (as easy as a natural birth can be…easy is not the right word; ask any labouring mother and she will assure you that labour is beyond difficult). My amazing wife laboured for less than seven hours, and out he came, beautiful and bellowing to announce to the world his arrival.

    But he was early and he was small and the doctors didn’t want to take any chances. So he was put in the intensive care unit, just to make certain he was fully developed. Precautionary, they told us, but still. I was frightened the first time we entered the intensive care unit to see him. I had expected a morbid place, with the chill of parents expecting the worst for their underdeveloped neonates hooked up to blinking and beeping machines, tubes everywhere.

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  • East London Mosque 100 years old neighbouring with a synagogue

    Posted on September 13th, 2010 Nadeem No comments

    East London mosque celebrates it’s 100th anniversary on the weekend of Eid ul fitr 2010. It is also the weekend of the Jewish New Year. The East London Field St synagogue opened its doors to the Muslim community.

    Sorry about the sound quality I was in the middle of a street party. Will add subtitles.

  • Eid Message – Interfaith unity to fight global poverty

    Posted on September 12th, 2010 Nadeem No comments

    This is my video message I shot for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation for the day of Eid ul Fitr. Now more then ever as the word is divided there is a greater call for faith communities to unite to tackle the world biggest problems.